She Run Things, They Dont Run She.

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There are just too many bigots. Fucking Britain First.

#banislam……that sounds like some bloody bnp shitty slogan
People: I can hear your music
Me: You're welcome

This is the second time he’s jumped onto the counter, unable to get down [reddit]

the worst things to ever happen to fashion:

  • fake pockets
  • making every single shirt see through
  • seriously why does it have to be see through
  • what is the fucking point i just have to wear another tank top or cami underneath it
  • it literally defeats the purpose of being a shirt
  • and every single shirt is see through these days this annoys me more than fake pockets and trust me that is an issue

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i’ll be like 40 w/no kids and people will say “aw i’m so sorry for you” and i’ll be like how was the fucking wiggles reunion tour asshole i went to italy last week for fun and didn’t have to hire a sitter

This is a very sad mentality. To think oneself more important than that of progeny is the sign of a failed human life.

so the wiggles concert wasn’t as good as you thought it would be huh

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my mum purposely hides my doc martens bc she hates them so much



Zion has been such a wonder // Joel Bear Studios

I just wanna be here, look out in the canyon lands again and let all my worries fall into the Earth